At Alfeco our expansion strategy is synonymous with a well-defined sales-centric experience. We aim to achieve sustainable growth and increase profits, expand our premium brand, capitalize on economies of scale, continuously modernise our operations, have greater economic impact and make in difference in the lives of all our stakeholders.

We have developed and are now building on growing our business through four key pillars (strategies), namely:

Market Penetration

We aim to increase sales of existing products based on our established existing markets, and thereby increasing our market share.

Market Development

We continue to systematically and critically look to developing and establishing new markets in South Africa, Southern African Development Community (SADC), Rest of Africa (RoA) and internationally.

Product Development

We have expanded and continue to produce and introduce new products into the market. This is driven through our desire to innovate, improve and introduce new and updated technology through our product ranges.


Alfeco has its roots firmly embedded in the ferrous and non-ferrous value chains. We continue to seek adjacent growth and expansion opportunities within these important value chains. From our beginnings in steel, we have diversified into copper and copper products, and aluminium. Importantly we have recently embarked on a journey into the energy sphere where we intend to provide bespoke, in-house solutions to our companies and also to third party clients.